Potjiekos Team Building Sandton

Potjiekos Team Building Sandton The Sandton Potjiekos Competition is one of the Top 10 Team Building Events in Johannesburg. Each team get a Mystery Box, and have to cook a cuisine that represents a foreign country. Team Building Quotations for the Sandton Potjiekos Competition is inclusive of coffee and pastries, 11 o’clock refreshments, and lunch. 09h00 - Coffee, Muffins, Cheese Savories, Mini Yogurts Ice Breakers and Fun Group Activities Dividing Teams ±10pp/team.  Escape Room Games 60min, 60 clues. Everybody get a sticker on his back with a Hollywood actor, and clues that lead to the next character. Characters include Charlize Theron, Tom Hanks, Will Smith, Simpsons, and Donald Trump etc. Teams have to follow these characters to find the correct Escape Route. The game quickly develop into a “show me yours (sticker), and I will show you mine (stickers)” – a “Funny Game of Thrones”. Clues include Invisible Ink, QR Codes, Mirror Text, Puzzles, etc. 11h00 - Refreshment Brea